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If Kindness Were A Shoe by Nancy Jasper

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If Kindness Were A Shoe

    - Nancy Jasper © 2017


If kindness were a shoe,
it would be
a good listener.
It would be curious
about feet.
It would ask Foot
how it felt,
and it would understand
that the first answer
was the social
It would learn
about toes.
How odd
toes are.
How they are never
what you think.
And if kindness
were a shoe,
it would become
more ample.
If kindness
were a shoe,
it would laugh
at Foot’s jokes.
It would begin
a long

Nancy Jasper is a clinical social worker. She has published six microchaps with the Origami Poems Project. In 2015, the OPP nominated her for a Pushcart Prize. Her collection of Icelandic poems, Egil is Baffled by Grief, is available online.

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