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A World I Would Love by Ashley Phimphanh

Taped Key by Peg Quinn for poem page 

A World I Would Love

    - Ashley Phimphanh © 2017


There is only one world
That I would love to live in.
A world where man can help
One another without letting
Their ego get in the way.
A world where all evil
Becomes nothing,
But a small obstacle
In our journey towards
Our final destination.
A world where our contempt
For life’s cruelty
Becomes a driving force
In our work towards
Building a better societal structure
That promotes
And respect for others.
That is the one and only world,
That I would love to live in.

Ashley Phimphanh is a young writer who loves to write for the sake of putting words into the minds of those who have never met her. She’s fallen in and out of writing for the past few years, but now believes she will never part from it again.

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Artwork above, 'Taped Key, is Peg Quinn. Peg is poet, mural painter, award-winning quilter, mixed-media artist, and three-time Pushcart Prize nominee. Originally from Nebraska, Peg lives in Santa Barbara, CA. www.santabarbaramurals.com


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