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Kindness Poem 2017 Pixie/Wendy Award

Wendy Pixie Kindness Award 

CREATURELY APPRECIATION : Origami Poems Kindness Contest 2017

(Pixie/Wendy Award)

Morning Traffic

by William Masters


This morning, from my bedroom window view,
I watched a dog sniff down my garden path.
He did not know I watched him as he tasted
The red camellia blossom that he bit in half.
Then he licked the morning dew
From several blades of grass,
And with glancing eyes and shifting paws,
He jumped aside to let a caterpillar pass.
Excited by the sidewalk sounds,
He turned to watch, unabashed,
The parade of morning leashes
With captive dogs attached.
Then, with stately canine grace,
He turned around and left the place.


William Masters © 2017

William Masters is a San Francisco writer.  Morning Traffic is from his unpublished collection of stories and poetry, Portraiture: A San Francisco Story Cycle. His poem received our ‘Pixie/Wendy Appreciation’ for a poem that best characterizes the joy and kindness of a creature or creatures.

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