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Kindness Poem 2017 Honorable Mention 2

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HONORABLE MENTION : Origami Poems Kindness Contest 2017


    by Maryanne Hannan

I used to think kindness
the mark of final success,
but now I know it is courage
that makes the difference

for cowardice can still suffice
as kindness among the living
but nothing short of courage
can summon the worthy gesture
when all our hope is gone.

I know a man who wears a tie,
every day,
even to walk his dog.
Why not, he says.

A while ago he had one on,
and his partner perked up,
smiled from the bed
     How handsome you look
     How much like old times

In that instant he knew
he would wear one until the end.
It was the least he could do,
he said,
for a friend.

Maryanne Hannan © 2017

Maryanne Hannan has published recent poetry in Adanna, Gargoyle, Naugatuck River Review, Oxford Poetry (UK), and Rabbit (AU). Several poems have been reprinted in anthologies, including The Great American Wise Ass Poetry Anthology and The World Is Charged: Poetic Engagements with Gerard Manley Hopkins. A former Latin teacher, she lives in upstate New York.

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   Cover art by Lauri Burke