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Pd Lietz


Photography & Artwork by Pd Lietz


Pd Lietz is a widely published writer, photographer and artist who lives in rural Manitoba, Canada.  Her photography, art and writing has appeared in and as covers and illustrations in numerous publications, a few being,Origami Poems Project,  Sunrise From Blue Thunder, Naugatuck River Review summer 2011 & winter 2013, MaINtENaNT: Journal of Contemporary DADA Writing and Art, 4, 5 and 6, In the Company of Women , Visions, Verses and Voices, Twistzted Tungz Issues  July, Sept, Nov. & Jan., Reflection on a Blue Planet #1,2,3 & 4 , The Enchanting Verses International Poetry Journal as well at various street corners in various countries due to Poem Project via Phantom Billstickers Ltd.

You can enjoy her Origami poetry page here.

Below is Pd's Origami micro-chapbook cover with her artwork: