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Lawrence J. Krips

Lawrence J. Krips moved to the shores of Rhode Island after spending almost thirty-five years in and around New York City. Larry has publicly read his works in both New York City and throughout Rhode Island.  Larry’s musical group, "Mouthpeace" combines music with his poetry and has given several concerts. 

He is also involved in Thunder and the Bird, his work accompanied by Stephanie Marisca playing the gongs.  His book, A Soul's Way . . . Soulspeak, is available on CD.  You may contact Larry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Larry's Origami micro-chapbooks & selected poems are available below.


Origami Micro-Chapbook 

Selected Poem(s)



Cover Photo: John Boyce

{mooblock=With Bogie}

It seemed to never end,
his life, that is.
I dug his grave by a tree.

Ellen and I cried
when the needle’s contents
took its effect.

He went to sleep
after that one long labored breath
last year.

He kept getting the mail with me.
I heard his paws clicking down the stairs
then waiting by the door to run.

He comes to me when I read.
We look into the other’s eyes
the way lovers do.

By the tree, I call to him.
Maybe he wonders why
his bark no longer echoes.
Lawrence J. Krips © 2012


A Photograph


Nominated by the OPP for a Pushcart Award


Nineteen years ago this night
I viewed your body
contorted by death
into a form unlike any
assumed during life.
In that hospital basement
you did not care
about such worldly matters.
The aide who accompanied me
kept apologizing for his presence.
I understood the legality,
while resenting restrictions
on my only wish –
just to embrace you,
an intimacy refused me
in your life.
Would I have said
something different,
something more meaningful,
out of ear shot?
Don’t know.
Don’t remember
what I did say
to your rigid coldness that night.
In that subterranean sanctuary,
while my wife and children,
your grandchildren,
patiently waited in the lobby above,
my once generous provider,
lay delicate and vulnerable and open,
attitudes you did not envision in life.
These years later,
divorced, children grown,
I sit before a fireplace
in New England woods
Yahrzeit candle glowing
on the mantlepiece.
I go out to get more wood,
put it on the fire
and look up to see
the flame extinguished.
Lawrence J. Krips © 2012


John Lennon and I at the Charlestown Breachway


{mooblock=Opening Lines}

As I listen to John Lennon
as I watch orange
pry the clouds apart
just above the dunes.

As the turquoise waters watch with me
“And we all shine on
like the moon and the stars
and the sun.”

Lawrence J. Krips © 2011



{mooblock=Three Selections}


Compressed into one
brief life is humanity’s
entire history.


Blue Footed Boobies,
hundreds fishing in a cove.
Black water turns white


Shaping this one life
is the particular art
of present intent.

Lawrence J. Krips © 2011