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Linda Kayra Hull

Linda Kayra Hull has been writing poetry off and on for many years.  Her joy has always been the Arts. 

Linda has been a story teller at the Johnnycake Storytelling Festival and the RI Storytelling Festival, as well as various fund-raisers.  Her poem “Quilts” was published in the Unitarian Universalist Women’s Federation newsletter and in a local church women’s newsletter.  Her story “Benjamin Mouse Meets Santa Claus” was included in an anthology of RI storytellers' works. 

She was a member of the local writers' group, Quill, and belongs to an OLLI [Osher Lifelong Learning Institute].  Through OLLI, she enjoys the intergenerational acting class - performing in the play at the culmination of the term.  Another joy for her is honoring older women in Crone/Wise Women rituals, having honored over 100 women so far.

September 2013
We have lost a dear friend and fellow poet.
Linda Hull ran the OPP poetry workshop at The South Kingstown Senior Center...
Her words of encouragement: "keep writing, edit, don't give up on a poem" are still ringing in our ears...
She was always the first one to volunteer to help us!
Ready to help with "folding, mailing and all parts of The Origami Poems Project". 
 Her love for poetry, her kindness and gentle spirit will be treasured always.

Linda's Origami micro-chapbook & selected poem are available below.

Origami Micro-chapbook

Selected Poem(s)

Observations Along the Way


{mooblock=To Dad}

I love clouds
Deep, dark thunderous clouds
Light, airy-fairy wispy clouds
Rainbow-tinged twilight clouds

Maybe this love of clouds is genetic
My dad took cloudscape photos
      out airplane windows
At home, showed slide after slide
Boring to preteens and teens

Now Dad's mind is full of clouds
I wish he could tell me
What they meant to him
So long ago.

Linda Kayra Hull © 2011