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Diane Dolphin

Diane Dolphin is a communication consultant, college instructor and poet. Diane’s chapbook collection, No Longer Always, was published by Finishing Line Press. Her poems have appeared in the Rhode Island Writers' Circle 2010 Anthology, Talking River Review, Naugatuck River Review, the Providence Journal and in the Origami Poems Project / Hera Gallery exhibit, Ekphrasis: Celebration of Poetry and Art. Diane is also a contributing poet to the Origami Poems Project.

Diane lives with her golden retriever and sheltie in an 1813 stone mill workers' house on a mill pond in Smithfield, Rhode Island.

Visit her blogsite for entertaining insights.

Her poetry is included in The Poetry Loft anthology, Nine New England Poets on love and loss. Edited by Beatrice Lazarus, it includes poems by Nancy E. Brown, James Cronin, Michael Crowley, Diane Dolphin, Joan Fishbein, Karen Haskell, Maureen Lapre, Beatrice Lazarus, Sandra Moran.
Projected Release date: May 25, 2014.  Order here from Main Street Rag.

Diane's Origami micro-chapbooks & selected poems are available below.  Cover designis by Diane - see her artist's page.

Origami Micro-Chapbook

Selected Poem(s)

Postcards From The Solstice


Cover photo by Diane Dolphin

{mooblock=Sunset, Four Thirty}

Brittle winds
shatter against skin.
Pale sun relinquishes
late day light to night.
Bones tell the mind, living
will be harder now,
these months will endure
as if forever.

Diane Dolphin © 2013




Cover Design by Diane Dolphin
'Simply Chuck' appears in No Longer Always,
(Finishing Line Press)

{mooblock=Simply Chuck}

You were a short guy with a short name.
But those terms of endearment
your friends shouted out —
these were grown men calling,
Chuckie, Chuck the Duck,
Chuckles the Clown, Chuckman,
Chuckmeister, Woodchuck Chuck!
At our wedding, choruses of
Prince Charles and Lady Di!
Chuck and Di!
But to you and me, we would always be
Vern and Marie, and you,
when you made me crazy.

Diane Dolphin © 2011


Big Thoughts




Dogs dozing
breeze feeling kind
daisies swaying
birds at ease, bees
not all that busy.
Dragon flies hovering by
shadows hanging low.
All of us just
breathing easy, that's all's
going on.

Sun just is.

Diane Dolphin © 2010