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Chris Waters

Chris Waters has authored four books of poetry; the latest being GHOST LIGHTHOUSE, NEW AND SELECTED HATTERAS POEMS from March Street Press.  He's circulating two others, KING PHILIP'S TALKING HEAD, AMERINDIAN POEMS and BESTIARY OF ALFONSO THE WISE, his renderings of the 26 animal-themed songs written in Galician (close to Portuguese) by the 13th-century Spanish King.  At URI (emeritus prof of French) he taught and researched in black francophone literature and in Paul Claudel. 

Born in North Carolina he splits his time between Hatteras and Rhode Island. 



Sketch of the poet is by John Kotula and can be further viewed here.


Chris's origami micro-chapbook and selected poem(s) are available below.

      Origami Micro-chapbook   

Selected Poem(s)

Hatteras Beach Sonnets


{mooblock=I. Sou'wester}

Beachcombing south under a seamless shroud,
on the right grassy dunes, blue-grey sea
on the left, I saw racing toward me--
black against white sky--a red-eyed rain cloud.
Shoes swamped already, ancient clothes no good
wet or dry, I resumed scouring the shore:
scallop shells, ghostcrab holes, fish lures. More
apt for a sign, though, would be the right wood.
So engaged, there was a sudden sprinkle
lasting no time at all. I looked straight up.
Overhead, white only, no black. The sea
had drawn the darkness to it. There was ample
water there, I joked. No storm in a teacup,
even, I added, no menaces for me.
Chris Waters © 2010