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Cathleen Calbert

Cathleen Calbert is Professor of English at Rhode Island College, poet, and author.  She has been awarded The Nation Discovery Prize, the Gordon Barber Memorial Award from the Poetry Society of America, the MacLeod-Grobe and the Bullis-Kizer Award, both from Poetry Northwest, the Sheila Motton Book Prize from the New England Poetry Club, and a Pushcart Prize.

Visit her website: www.cathleencalbert.com to learn more about her books, Sleeping with a Famous Poet, Bad Judgment, and Lessons in Space.  (Order her books at CW Press.)



Cathleen's Origami micro-chapbooks & selected poems are below.


Origami Micro-chapbook

Selected Poem(s)

Fox-Wife *


{mooblock=First Tail}

One look at me,
he leaves his bride,
he leaves his wedding.
He only wants to play
run fox run
in the meadow,
roll over my belly,
and gaze into my silver eyes.
I smell of wildflowers
and something else.
He brings me buttercups.
He brings me bars of gold.
He even tries his hand
at poetry. When I leave,
the scent of fox stays.
It shatters the man’s heart.
Cathleen Calbert © 2010
From Sleeping with a Famous Poet


Left Coast Haiku *



His dragonfly lamp
looked like an upside-down bowl
of caught fireflies.
Chrysanthemums and
lilies in raw silk fell down
my back—which pleased him.
Outside his hilltop
home, the bamboo sighed. Inside,
he made me coffee.
Cathleen Calbert © 2009
From “Pillow Book, Berkeley”
Sleeping with a Famous Poet


 * from “Pillow Book, Berkeley,” Sleeping with a Famous Poet