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James Barchi aka ETERNAL

 James Barchi aka ETERNAL has been writing lyrics since 1999. Back then his songs were influenced by Eminem and gangster rap. Eternal was saved in 2003 on a chairlift at Mount Snow, VT. After becoming Christian, his songs took on a much more meaningful and positive tone, however, in 2008 Eternal’s faith was shaken to the core due to some serious spiritual warfare. As a result, he went through a dry period in his walk with the Lord. Most recently, after hooking back up with fellow brother in Christ “Simbolik” Eternal is back! He’s resurrected his old songs and has started to minister again!

Peace. - JB aka ETERNAL


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 ETERNAL's Origami micro-chapbook & selected poem are available below.

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{mooblock=Opening Lines}

So they put me on meds, that's supposed to help me...
But all it does that I can see is causing sleep dependency
And it so happens loss of sleep's another symptom see
So I'll run back to them and they'll gladly fill up my prescription for free
This seems a little weird at least as far as I can see
All they ever wanna do is medicate till I can't breathe
If I let 'em have their way they'll be nothing left of me
I'm not lying down while they perform mental vasectomy
I think it's plain to see

That I'm just a victim of the system

James Barchi aka ETERNAL © 2013


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