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Carol Anderheggen

"Though born Carol Mae Ray in Miami, Florida, and, though I still love the sight of green fronds waving in a breeze against an azure sky, I am a transplanted New Englander now. I live a busy retired life in Rhode Island under the name Carol Anderheggen."

Carol Anderheggen's poems have appeared in The Great Swamp Gazette, The 2010 Island Writer’s Circle Anthology, URI Women, Anemone, Northeast Journal, Women Against Nuclear War, A Letter Among Friends, NEARI Bylines, and other regional journals. She has self-published two chapbooks – Are You a Born Child? and The Breast Cycle, a Journey of Dreams and Nightmares.   She is an active member of the Ocean State Poets.

 Carol's Origami micro-chapbook & selected poem are available below.

Origami Micro-chapbook

Selected Poem(s)



Cover photo by Pip Hartnett


This dull repose wearies me—so restless
the sea, dark within, grating at the light
of half-made thoughts, like many stones
rumbling under fast moving waters.
We are water, stone--air even—mixed
together or falling apart. Fire too.
This brings me here to the matter at hand:
The boundaries of life are so porous
that sometimes the water I am
deftly smothers the fire
once emblazoned by wind
and I fall
Carol Anderheggen © 2013