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Deborah R. Barchi


Deborah Barchi has been writing poetry for over five years. Her chapbook entitled Brown Birds is available thru Finishing Line Press

She is the Director of Barrington Public Library and lives in Scituate, RI.  You may email Debbie at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Deb's books & selected poems are available below.

Origami Micro-Chapbook

Selected Poem(s)

Finding Clarity

Photo 'The Walking Stick' from
National Geobraphic website

{mooblock=Autobiography of a Leaf}

Tender, green and new I hang,
needing only sun and rain.

To fly becomes my whole desire.
To soar--alone--a little while.

I wish so much that I might know
the bliss that comes from letting go;

until the snow and frozen rain
drive me to the ground again.

There to shelter, rot, and die;
become sweet earth, another time.
Deborah R. Barchi © 2013


Don't Hurry



{mooblock=Vernal Pool}

The sheltering boughs
the matted leaves
the chanting frogs
their hapless meals
and the rain
the rain
the rain
a proper brew
to make a pool
as it was meant to be
as it has always been.
Deborah R. Barchi © 2009


Sleeping With The Cat



{mooblock=A Killer of Houseplants}

She is a killer of houseplants
and has been all her life.
when she takes them home
they tremble and wilt,
knowing they soon must die.
What can they do, legless as they are
if fate has decreed this unkind end:
to die overwatered and underfed.
She doesn't mean to kill them, after all;
in truth, she wants only this--
to be surrounded by living green;
yet no ivy, potted jade, or cactus in a dish
has ever lived to satisfy her need.
Deborah R. Barchi © 2009


The Road Killed Banana Peel


{mooblock=Opening Lines}

What is this?
Road kill and large.
Smooth dark flanks,
a small square snout,
a hefty thigh flattened out.
Deborah R. Barchi © 2009