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Chris Warner

Chris Warner began writing in 1993 at Goucher College—fiction, with Madison Smartt Bell, and, with Elizabeth Spires, one lone poem. She attended graduate school at Harvard University (Ed.M., ’97), and did not write creatively again until June 2010, when ‘poetry suddenly began to pour out onto the page’ (or rather, onto the computer screen). Chris teaches yoga and meditation in Boxford, Massachusetts, and workshops her poetry each Wednesday in Cambridge, MA, with instructor/poet Tom Daley.

Chris’s work has been published in Volumes 6 and 7 of the Bagels with the Bards anthologies and in The Muddy River Poetry Review.  Several of her poems have been awarded prizes in the Writer’s Digest Poetry Awards (6th and 7th Annual). She was also selected to attend the 2012 Southampton Writer’s Conference, as a contributor in poetry, with Mary Karr. Chris now writes everyday, and is working, also everyday, on letting go of attachment to outcome.

 Chris's Origami micro-chapbook and selected poem(s) are available below.



Origami Micro-    chapbook 

Selected Poem(s)

Strokes (Mostly) In Silence


Cover Art is example of Sumi-e
supplied by the author

With gratitude, always, to the beloved professor,
Tom Daley

{mooblock=Number 8 (Spring)}

front door, staircase—bare
brown boards—bruised left hip,
both knees; door closing, again
Chris Warner © 2012