Alexander Raeburn

Alexander Raeburn writes, "I am a writer and performer with a B.A. in Psychology and a Minor in Journalism from Johnson State College in northern Vermont. My writing life has lead me to work as a freelance journalist for local newspapers in Vermont and Rhode Island, as well as with Patch.com sites from Rhode Island and New Jersey.

Creative writing, mostly poetry and some storytelling, has given me opportunity to perform in Vermont, Australia, New Jersey, New York City, Rhode Island and now Louisiana."

Visit his blogsite:  http://alexanderraeburn.com/

Alex's micro-chapbooks & selected poems are available below.

Origami Micro-Chapbook

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The homeless man
was at home with the
homeless dog


Opening Lines

It was the man's home,
not the dog’s.
No roof for the most part,
no plumbing,
or cool,
or heat in the winter,
but when I ask him how he is,
he always responds with this
"I ain't never had a bad day in my life."

Alexander Raeburn © 2013

North, Then South


Photo by Pip Hartnett

She's Right There

In less than one minute a woman
will enter the bar alone.
Before she fully removes her coat,
you'll be in love.
She'll sit three stools down,
looking often to the back.
Her right hand will touch her neck,
her eyes will close as she exhales.
You'll feel it in your chest
whether you approach,
or let her go.
Confess or run.
But never lose sight
of what might be.

Alexander Raeburn © 2013

Standing Still


For E.L.K.

Photo by Pip Hartnett

Wrong Number

He asked why I called at 2am.
Because you offered me a job,
I said.
You've got the wrong number,
but good luck.
He called me Sir
then hung up. 

Alexander Raeburn © 2012

This and a thousand more


Closing Lines

It is never going to be the world I knew, but I will
never be anything but the man you love and more.
I've yet to say these words since you've been gone,
as I'm too scared your voice will then fade.
But you now tell me behind closed eyes that it's ok to sleep.
So here we go.
Goodnight my sweet girl.
Goodnight my Erica Lee.

Alexander Raeburn © 2012


Photo: “Standing on Ledge”
By Peter Ford

Good Night

I am inspired.
I am alive.
I am grateful.

Alexander Raeburn © 2012


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